Why should you listen to me?

Steve Clarke, Eureka Sales, sales mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs

I have been involved in successful “grass roots” sales and marketing for over 25 years. I have personally tried and tested everything from knocking doors to direct mail, classified ads to TV infomercials and practically everything in between.

I have learnt to implement simple strategies that get consistent winning results, regardless of the market sector, product, service or the state of the economy.

Am I yet another sales and marketing “Guru”?

No, absolutely not.

I get so frustrated by all the so called, “Gurus” as they almost always have a tendency to over complicate issues and all too often are just jumping on the band wagon having never achieved much themselves.

I like to keep things simple and effective.

Having helped my last business grow into one of the UK’s top 100 SME’s in just eight years, I successfully sold it and I retired at the age of 45. I’m not a Guru, I’m a doer.

I’ve realised the dreams of many business owners… I don’t say this to impress you, I say it to impress upon you, that maybe – just maybe – I could be in a position to help you too.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with have to say…

Click on the play button on the video below to hear what people have to say.

As a direct results of applying my tips, strategies, training and sales mentoring…

  • Judy Hoskins tested one single concept and inside 10 minutes generated and enquiry for £1,000 that she would never have seen otherwise!
  • David Miles of Divadani Design picked up £3,000 in orders which he wouldn’t have got without applying my strategies.
  • Skott Bentley of A&S Executive added almost £100,000 to his revenues in his first month – he’s just added another £75,000 too!
  • Bill Baddeley of Scott and Mears says that from what he’s learnt, his business could easily increase by as much as £90,000 per year.


"Really enjoyed working with Steve, he was happy to spend time chatting to discuss exactly what we wanted to get out of his talk. Therefore the story tied in exactly with our message and was just what we wanted, original and engaging and generated interest in our company. Within 10 minutes we had 5-6 enquiries from some top companies. I would definitely use him again"

Harvey Lock – Sales Marketing and Business Development Limelight Publicity

"I met Steve recently whilst Coaching at Andy Harrington's Public Speaking Event at Heathrow.  Steve gave a very interesting and entertaining presentation about sales. The reason I can vouch for his time on stage being of high quality is he was delivering his talk to a room packed full of experienced speakers. Therefore, his content needed to be particularly good.  By the end of his presentation he had all our members laughing with him and received a standing ovation at the end. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a high quality speaker and can vouch for his knowledge and wisdom regarding Sales and entrepreneurial skills."

Joe O’Connor – CEO The Transformer

"I watched Steve deliver an incredible presentation with inspiring words of wisdom. I've only just today started doing what Steve suggested and already I've got appointment arranged with great people in my industry. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS GUY. What Steve suggests is simple and effective. I'll be contacting 3 new people every day monday to friday without compromise. To Steve, I will keep you posted on my major miracles. Thank you for being alive, inspiring and so bloody happy. You are a credit to our planet, just like I intend on being. Good man! Do what you can to find out where Steve is presenting or see if you can bring him in. You'll love him!"

Dale Allen – Author of The Book On Chemical Safety Sevron

"Steve Clarke is a legend at getting things done. His no nonsense approach benefits all businesses both large and small. He has much to impart and he is a great asset to a conference. Steve is also a dynamic Mentor. His passion for seeing people succeed is what makes him stand apart here. He is a typical Go-Giver and I have seen many people's businesses improve as a result of his input - including all of mine. Thank you"

Deborah Fielding – Director Mirus Media

"Steve - Thank you for the powerful presentation you gave at the LEN event last week your 3 key points refocused me and put me back on track. It is refreshing to hear what I need to hear in a succinct and compelling fashion and I relish the way that you empowered me to hold my self accountable - My business and I needed your kick start my business development.  Thanks"

Leonore Lord – Director Destiny Enterprise Solutions / True Measure

"Steve presented at a recent conference I attended. He was down to earth, honest, and above all extremely knowledgeable. He engaged the audience from the minute he stepped onto the stage and his advice was thought provoking but practical and implementing the tools he talks about will without doubt help you to increase your sales. Many thanks Steve for an inspirational session"

Alex Hawkes – Financial Controller & Investment Manager Wayra

"I met Steve at our CIMA Mip conference on 19th June 2015 when he presented "Champagne Results.. on a Beer Budget". His speech was informative, motivational, encouraging and inspiring. He gave us some quick easy tips to walk away with so that we can start implementing them straight away. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve as a speaker for any conference."

Tina Jenkins – Director Association of UK Accountants CIC

"Making a room full of accountants believe they are actually sales people is no mean feat! But that's what Steve Managed to do at a conference I attended recently. He was not only motivational but extremely entertaining and engaging at the same time. After he gave his speech, he had time for everyone that wanted to have a chat, I spoke to him for over an hour and was grateful for the tips he gave me, which will hopefully help with my own personal goals. Highly recommended!"

Lee Holden – Business Excellence Advisor Holds worth Advantage

"Steve presented at our group sales conference in March 2015. Prior to the event he spent a considerable length of time getting to know and understand the dynamics of the business and the challenges our sales team face on a regular basis. His approach was pitched at the right level in tone and style, ensuring that the sales team engaged with fun activities, serious points and follow up actions designed to get the sales advisors asking questions of themselves and ultimately gaining commitment to make positive changes. Steve is personable and professional in equal measure. I would recommend his services in delivering a keynote speech at any sales & marketing event."

John Houghton – Sales Director Care in Bathing

"Good no nonsense stuff (I had to pay a tenner ! - still thats paper for you!) (Testimonial received for book "How to Survive and Not Just Survive".)"

SnappySnaps Kings Lynn –

"I can personally recommend Steve's book. No nonsense, back to what actually matters, easy to understand and remember. I still quote bits out of it when talking to folks about their marketing."

Denis O'Regan – Easykey

"Steve has a very down to earth approach to sales and this translates well in our coaching/mentoring relationship, Steve coach and me coachee. He knows when to coach and ask the questions and when to mentor and share his experiences. Every session I come away with pages of practical tasks that I can implement immediately and tasks and considerations for longer-term success. Steve talks from a place of experience; you know that he worked hard and tried and tested his theories and practical tool-kit. He very quickly gets to know you, your company and your goals. Steve then works with you to translate these from something of a wish to much more practical objectives and goals. I continue to work with Steve as he challenges my thinking on Sales and then helps me clarify the way the forward."

Margo Manning – Executive Coach and Professional Speaker Margo Manning Ltd

"Steve inspired me and my colleagues to look up, to have courage and to face all difficult situations with professionalism, optimism and methodology. Last year we had Steve speaking to us via skype from New Zealand where he was working at the time. This year we invited him back ‘live’! He broadcasts SUCCESS & PROFITS every time he speaks! His advises have helped us the past and he is continuing to do so at every encounter! What a great man!. We cannot wait to have him back in Athens Greece. Hope to see him again soon. God bless you Steve!"

Yiannis Kalogerakis – CEO & Principal Trainer MK Ltd - Anthropocentric Corporate Training and Development

"I had the opportunity to meet Steve in Athens at the Sales Management forum 2015. He is a talented speaker, inspiring the audience from the very first minute of his presentation until the last second. He provides guidance through simple concepts and actions while he is not afraid to lie on the stage floor to make attendees understand clearly his message. He is a charismatic speaker!"

Panagiotis Tzellos – Managing Director Conferience.com

"Success is all about your ATTITUDE! Steve has business acumen and gives many great ideas which are practical! Thank you Steve for a high energy presentation in Athens. This was inspirational! "

Panos Papazoglou – Manager OCTANE Management Consultants

"I can highly recommend Steve as an entertainer, thought provoker and game changer.. He shines a new light on your problems, bringing new focus and direction. Struggling? Then look no further. Steve has the ability and the wisdom to look at the issues afresh, identify the problem and propose a solution. Laugh and learn simultaneously!"

Linda Jane McLean – Founder RE:NEWARTHILL

"Steve managed to get our attention last year, addressing to the Sales Management Forum audience via Skype! This year, he jointed us in Athens. The delegates applauded his innovative thinking and his practical approach on what needs to be done in order to improve sales teams’ performance. He was voted as the best speaker (4.8 points in a scale from 1-5). We are looking forward in having him again in Athens, in another of our events, very soon!"

Xenia Mantziori – Editor in Chief Self Service Magazine

"We have used Steve to write sales and marketing articles for our brands as well as key note speaking at our leading industry events. Steve has a fantastic knack of engaging and inspiring his audience and he manages the balance between imparting useful information and keeping the sessions fun and inclusive. Steve came highly recommended to us and he has certainly lived up to our expectations."

Jim Wilkinson – Managing Director Pro Landscaper / FutureScape / Garden Centre Retail / Horticulture Careers / Pro Arb/LandscapeLive

"I saw Steve speak at an event recently and he was first class. His short presentation was packed solid with relevant advice and specific tools that we could implement immediately to increase sales. I've heard one business leader say that "other speakers should listen and learn from Steve" and I would echo that wholeheartedly."

Claire Carpenter – Yes You Can Speak

"The business leaders in my MD2MD groups aren't looking for 'clever' stuff. Just things they can do to improve their business so they loved Steve's workshop full of down to earth and practical tips. Don't expect any clever insights. Do expect simple obvious things. Which you then realise you don't do or have forgotten to keep doing. Very annoying. He's not known as the irritational speaker for nothing!"

Bob Bradley – Executive Chairman MD2MD : Managing Director to Managing Director

"A great big thanks for the tremendous workshop you ran - this was inspirational as well as highly practical - top notch. Members and Guests all fedback: "Highly Likely" that "Overall I would recommend this speaker to a colleague" - this is the highest of our ratings. Excellent..."

Chris Chater – Executive Coach | Business Mentor Business Leaders Group and Career Paradigms

"In Business Development you always hope a mentor will you provide you with some realistic advice and guidance for what is a tremendously difficult role. Steve has had to work hard and has been successful, he is keen to share his experiences which truly offer an accurate insight in to how to make things work. This guy gives it to you straight, which lets face it is what we all need."

Simon Webster – Head of Business Development NITAL Training and Development

"I would like to thank you for sales training we had on the 2nd April. No matter how long you been in sales, it’s always helpful to go over the essentials of sales and learn new methods."

Amrick Dhillon – Business Development Manager Fast Lane

"I watched Steve deliver a seminar recently for our company; he was extremely engaging and mindful of the audience he was delivering to and tailored his approach accordingly. He made the session appropriately interactive which further engaged the audience and delivered his key messages in a convincing, professional manner. I would not hesitate in recommending Steve to others looking for a motivational speaker."

Kevin Justice – UK Finance Directo Premier Care in Bathing

"I had the honour to meet Steve at Sales Management Forum 2015, in Athens. I had heard about his work but what I felt when I saw him on stage, was beyond my expectations! A true sales mentor, with deep knowledge of the subject and a great ability to convey his message to the audience, not only theoretical but also practical advise for immediate application! Steve embraced the speakers, he gave us generously his advise and showed us that knowledge has value only when you share it, with respect and love!"

Isidora Karadimitriou – Reframe

"Steve came to our office to talk to the sales team, he gave us practical, useful advice and challenged our way of thinking. He made the day interesting and gets you to question the way business should be done. He showed us that a simple change in attitude and focusing on the small tasks will help increase productivity as well as profitability and make the business really work and become more effective and successful."

Peter Coe – Marketing Executive Fast Lane

"Steve was an amazing sales coach, he was inspirational to say the least and taught us some great techniques that can be deployed on a daily basis. would highly recommend!"

Amit Sehmby – Business Development Representative Fast Lane Consulting and Education

"Steve was a main stage speaker at the 2014 National Sales Conference. Aside from delivering a number of valuable, yet simple, ‘take-away’ sales tips for our delegates to implement immediately, he fully understood our key objectives and supported us as a conference organiser from the outset."

Steve Lindsey (FInstSMM) – National Sales Conference Organiser Lincoln West

"Hiring Steve, a true professional, to reinforce our corporate message, deliver motivation, inspiration and solid take away ideas we will implement was worth every penny... engaging and full of humour - everyone loved it - the perfect end to a great and productive day.... I'd have no hesitation recommending Steve as a great inspirational business speaker"

Pete Parker – Managing Director Birchwood Group

"just been on Steve’s 1 day Fast Track Marketing Master Class and loved it. Great fun and packed full of useful knowledge…plus he has walked the walk so is speaking with knowledge, not like people who repeat what the books sale with no track record. I highly recommend this event."

Blake Henegan – Director Optimus Sourcing Ltd

"Before I even attended Steve’s course my enquires went up by 20% by making a few simple changes to my website from Steve’s top ten free tips. I left his course absolutely buzzing and couldn’t wait to put into action my new found techniques. Since attending in the last few months my boot camps have featured in every local paper, local radio station and even national magazines for FREE! I even opened up two new boot camps in two new locations working on the same principles. I’m a follower of Steve’s now and if you’re still not convinced how he could help you, you can ring me personally to ask me more!”"

Dan Thompson – Colchester Boot Camps

"Steve provides sound marketing ideas and tips which really work, provided the recipient of his advice carries out what they have learned. Not only is he informative, but also extremely interesting and his classes and seminars are always humorous. I defy anyone to claim his talks are in the least bit boring. On the contrary, I always come away from one of his sessions filled with energy and a positive attitude to start putting his advice into practice."

Rod Palser – Rod Palser Accounting Services

"Steve is an inspirational trainer and sales mentor. The 2 master classes I have attended have been delivered with 110% energy and enthusiasm in a clear jargon free way. He offers simple powerful techniques to help you market and grow your business. Not only can he teach it …. he’s done it for himself, and helped others achieve incredible growth and results. We are now putting his techniques into practice and seeing results. You can’t afford to be average in business and Steve has made us see that we can be a great company getting great results."

Empowerme2 – Empowerme2 Empowerme2

"Attended one Steve’s sales master classes yesterday and the best money I have spent in a long time. Priceless tips and info from a master sales guru. I would not hesitate to recommend anybody who has a business to attend one of his classes. Thanks Steve."

Steve Adams – Managing Director of Covert Security Solutions Ltd

"Steve is a highly entertaining and passionate communicator, and an outstanding sales mentor to have. His seminars are packed with practical tips, strategies, and advice to help business owners really get to grips with increasing both their sales revenues and the all important bottom line profits. Steve attacks his mission to help businesses succeed in tough times with personality and infectious enthusiasm creating a superb atmosphere in the room at his events. Steve is the real deal. He has achieved the levels of success that we all strive for and I thoroughly recommend him to any business owner serious about building a successful future."

Robbie Stepney – Calls That Count

"Steve is a great communicator and certainly makes you sit up and think about how and what you have been doing within your business. I recently read his book “How to thrive not just survive” on a train journey between New York and Niagara Falls, full of really great ideas, and reminders of what we in sales should be doing! Keep up the good work Steve."

Mike Allison – Mayflower Plc

"An excellent speaker…knowledgeable, logical and uncomplicated."

Mike Johnstone – Director The Outsourced Marketing Department

"Steve is an energetic and passionate business man that gives you practical and results orientated advice that will give you real results for sales & marketing. If you implement even one or two of the strategies he highlights it will change the result of your business."

Kent Rhodes – Rhodes Action Coaching

"Steve is a great guy. He has such passion and enthusiasm for his subject, and really knows his stuff. As someone who knows the right way to promote a business Steve is your man. His strategies make perfect sense. I have been honoured to share a platform with Steve at a recent seminar (and we are planning to do more!) and Steve brought good humour, energy and huge amounts of common sense to the event. If you are looking for help with your marketing strategies or with building your sales you need go no further!"

Garry Mumford – Managing Director Insight Associates

"Having meet Steve and been on one of his Master classes its like working with a old friend fun and full of knowledge I was concerned about the cost now I think how much will I loss in not going on one keep doing what you do best Steve it works don’t change it David Cotterill"

David Cotterill – H B Blinds Shutters and Awnings

"Steve gives excellent value. His seminar was fast-paced and concise, but packed with tips and meaningful sales advice; as are his newsletters. Well worth using his services."

Nigel Cook – Connected Marketing Ltd

"I attended one of Steve’s Business sales mentoring seminars through the FSB found it so worthwhile I booked 3 of us onto his “Thrive not Just Survive in a Recession” Seminars. Steve knows what he is talking about and passes on a wealth of knowledge with genuine enthusiasm that is infectious you will leave with a real business Buzz.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative"

Peter Ely – Hired Steve as a Business Consultant in 2009 Project Skills Solutions Ltd

"I have just completed my first month’s monitoring of the marketing model put in place from attending your course. Following testing and measuring, business opportunities have increased by 40% already. Moreover, monitoring the model is highlighting the most effective strategies, saving a mint rather than blindly experimenting and wasting money and resources."

Sean Molyneux – Delores Hips

"Brilliant 10/10"

Debbie Harrison – DVH Design

"Thanks so much for the talk last night – boy was it thought provoking! Fascinating passionate presentation… need to get help to sort out our web site 9/10"

Karen Crampin – Empowerme2

" I would recommend this event… I learnt to offer better benefits to my clients through my own site and to include more benefits on theirs, 10/10"

David Mears – Design and Print Centre Ltd

"A great whistle stop tour of many levels of direct marketing, excellent value, interesting, valuable information, I would recommend these events and will attend more in future 10/10"

Jenny Lynn –

"Very informative, gave me lots to think about 9/10"

John Roper –

"Full of enthusiasm, very interesting content 10/10"

Joan Jones – Designer Travel

"Very interested in your ‘Virtual manager’ services, I will attend future events 10/10"

Nick Hawkins – NHC Services

"10/10 for venue, content and presentation, I would recommend these events to others"

Mathew Speller – MJJ Home and Gardens

"I met Steve Clarke at a Business Link seminar where he was the guest speaker. I have to say that I was a social networking cynic when I arrived and couldn’t understand the whole concept. However 2 hours later I was a convert. His down to earth style of explanation and witty repartee worked magic. I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a speaker and consultant. In such a short time I learned loads and he also gave me some brilliant marketing tips for my business. You would be mad not to use his expertise and knowledge with your own business."

Terri Bodell – The Stress Doctor

"Just one of your free tips increased my enquiries by over 20%"

Dan Thompson – 5 Star Boot Camps

"This has been our best ever year in business. I've been working with Steve and attended his various marketing courses and I'm a member of his sales mentoring programme. As a result – our new account sales are up over 90% and profits are up a staggering 40% on last year"

Hugh Wightwick – Truckcom Systems Limited

"Listen to what Steve says and take action because his success formula hits all the buttons. I believe it to be the blueprint for businesses to follow if they want to succeed. Ignore it at your peril."

Bev James – Managing Director The Entrepreneurs Business Academy

"Just a quick line to say thanks Steve for sales mentoring over the past couple of months. I have been following your advice on creating an effective marketing mix and establishing my own “blueprint” for business success. Implementing your techniques has had an astronomical result on my sales figures. In no time at all I have been able to generate “hot” leads that have already netted me a contract this week with a value just short of £100k!"

Managing Director – A&S; Executive

"Our business has benefited greatly from the advice Steve has given on how businesses can actually thrive during the recession rather than just survive. After meeting Steve for the first time, I put into action just a couple of his many tips and was rewarded with £3,000 worth of new business for our website design and internet marketing company. I am confident that with Steve’s help our business will continue to expand as I find the time to put into effect the other strategies that I have learnt both at Steve’s short evening seminars and at the follow-up master class that I attended a few weeks ago. I am sure it is no coincidence that since starting to put just a few of Steve’s theories into practice we now have more concurrent website design projects on the go than we have had at any time since we started the business five years ago.” – Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"

David Miles – Divadani Ltd

"Steve is a creative sales director who will give you all the tools you need to immediately increase your sales turnover"

John Ripsher – Harpers Hair

"Valuable information, content was easy to understand and interesting 10/10"

Carol Leach – C&S; Curtain Design

"Very professional presentation, lively and interesting information 10/10"

Margaret Salmon – Margaret’s Frozen Luxuries Ltd

"The very interesting information, I will attend future events and would recommend other business owners should 10/10"

Susan Allen – Sugar Design

"for Interesting, easy to understand content, I would recommend this event, 10/10"

Liz Cattermole – Bonita

"Clear and concise, a great way of presenting, kept my interest 10/10"

Fenton Trewick – Used Tackle Direct

"Your experience shone through, very professional 10/10"

P Brown – Margaret’s Frozen Luxuries Ltd

"Interesting and exciting, opened my mind to many direct marketing possibilities 10/10"

J Ripsher – Harpers

"Information on website listings on Google was very interesting 10/10"

Christy Gowland – A Memento

"I would recommend these events 8/10"

Paul Caffrey – Results consortium Ltd

"The presentation was informative, interesting and easy to understand 9/10"

Lee Martin – Lee Martin Print and Promotion

"Very good, I’ve been reminded that I must get back to basics 10/10"

Bret Andrews – Results Consortium Ltd

"Overall I found the information interesting and well presented, 9/10"

Shirley Mackenzie A Momento –

"Interesting and useful information, I will very likely attend future events and would recommend it to other business owners, 9/10"

Julie Gingell – Organised for life

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