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  • It knocked his socks off…

    Impressive availability - that's what Denis of Easykey called it. I recently sent an email suggesting you ditch your voicemail or answer machine in favour of a great call answering service. It's a no brainer. It's crazy to spend your time, effort, energy and cash... drumming up enquiries only to have an answer machine taking calls. People don't like leaving messages on a machine! We want to ... Read More
  • We just don’t care about the size of your widgets!

    Sell the sizzle - not the sausage…  My wife was due a replacement car. We tried to be sensible - really we did. Inspired by watching seemingly endless repeats of Grand Designs we’re about to take on a great project and build our own place. This will mean not only country living, but living a half mile down a roughish road and dealing with a building site for quite some time. We hav... Read More
  • Dare to be different …

    Here’s to the £30m rubber duck! What can you possibly gain from swimming in the sea of sameness, just doing the same as everyone else. If your aim is keep below the radar and shoot for mediocrity - then maybe I get it.   However, I doubt that’s what most people in business want, I doubt very much that it’s what you want either, would I be right?   When you’re offe... Read More
  • Some miss by a country mile, do you?

    If you are serious about having a successful business today – It’s vital that you stand out from the crowd… (for the right reasons). If you interact on-line or off-line with clients – you’re in sales. If you speak or present to clients – you’re a speaker. To increase sales and profits… You MUST be the best you can be at sales, marketing and speaking... Speaking let's you m... Read More
  • Sales lessons from an Athens Taxi driver…

    Recently I was booked to deliver the keynote talk at a big sales and marketing conference in Athens, Greece.  The event organiser kindly had a chauffeur collect me at the airport. As we chatted during the journey I was reminded in no uncertain terms by my driver - what a desperate time many Greeks were experiencing. Massive unemployment, pitifully low minimum wages of those lucky enough to ... Read More
  • The Eureka Business Operating System – The Eureka SAT NAV

    If you had to drive from Southampton to an address somewhere on the edge of the Manchester that you'd not visited before - would you just jump in the car and head off hoping for the best? “Roughly north - that'll do”. Seriously, tell me you wouldn't. So what would you do? Look the address up on Google maps? Maybe check out the route. You'd punch the postcode into your Sat Nav, m... Read More
  • What does your January Offer Look Like – Maybe not like this?

    It’s a bitter, blustery January day and I hope you are all keeping warm. I was just taking a walk up near my village Church, all very nice. But it just made me wonder, most people this time of the year are busy getting there either January deals or their New Year’s deal together, but people are putting offers together left, right and centre all the shops you go to. And as I got out here ... Read More
  • How the twenty somethings do it today!

    Many of us use our smart phones to track our sporting activities, runs, walks, cycle rides etc. Well one guy just took things to another level. I think this is fantastic - how’s this for a technology enabled proposal... with a difference. According to a report in a national newspaper, a 28 year old romantic runner proposed to his girlfriend of two years by mapping out and tracking his runn... Read More
  • Don’t believe Twitter can help your business? Think again.

    Many people tell me - well - social media... that’s OK if you’re B to C, but we’re B to B, (that’s business to consumer or business to business). Forget it. We’re living in a world of P to P - by that I mean, people to people. Whether you work directly with the consumer or in a business environment - social media allows you to listen and engage with your customer base like never... Read More
  • Here’s an idea that will ruffle some feathers…

    Put your prices up! OK - we see all and sundry going on sale. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day Sales, January Sales... It’s never ending. But I dare you to be different. The majority of people don’t just buy on price. They don’t. If you want to see an increase in profits - Put your prices up! No... really. I speak at conferences all over the UK and internationally, and incre... Read More
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