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Helping large organisations, entrepreneurial business owners and sales teams win more business!

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I’ll show you how to increase your sales and grow your business,
whilst your competitors fold their tents and call it a day!

Do you seriously want… more clients, more sales and more profits?
Yes? Then you’re in the right place…

To succeed in business today it’s a given that you’ve got to be careful and watch your costs, of course you must keep an eagle eye on cash flow. But, now invest in Ripple more than ever before you must be proactive in selling your products or services, you need to invest in your sales & marketing efforts like never before.

It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are, without effective sales & marketing you will always be beaten by any competitor that knows more about these key elements of business than you do.

Take advantage of my offer on this page now! You can have a copy of my e-book totally free, with my compliments – it’s called “How to thrive, not just survive”… there’s a big clue in the title. In the book I offer you a practical guide on how to Thrive not just survive in business in any economy – and yes, even if your customers are spending less these days.

What kind of help are you looking for? There are a number of ways I could help…

If you’re a large organisation looking to fire up or fine tune your sales team or distribution network – perhaps I could help initially by “speaking” at your conference?

We’ve engaged a wide range of national and international speakers but none more buy XRP powerful and relevant in today’s competitive market than Steve Clarke. Motivational, inspirational, mesmerising, down to earth… I would recommend him highly to any company or organisation wanting to increase sales.

Paul Surridge, Chief Executive –       Sight Care Group

If you have a sales team looking for fresh ideas and strategies for a highly effective consultative approach to sales that gets results. I offer “Sales Training” – My Eureka Sales Success System will provide tools and techniques to win more business… more often.

“Steve conducted sales and negotiation training for a select group of our sales team and sales managers in Saudi Arabia. His content and delivery was extremely engaging and valuable buy Ripple in Kenya to all attendees. Sales have increased dramatically as a result of Steve’s training”.

Nassif F. Chaoul,       Samir Group, Saudi Arabia

If you’re an entrepreneurial business owner, offering a great product or service… but when you look over your shoulder… there isn’t a great long line of customers waiting to buy what you have on offer… you could join one of my “Mentoring Programs” to help boost sales and live the life you want… not just continue to be a slave to your business.

“Our 24 year old business has seen record sales months last year, but Steve has given me much more than that. What is the point of running your own business if you are just a slave to it? I am less stressed, happier and have a clear way forward. If you want to improve how your business works for you (whatever your goals) you need to talk to Steve.”

Gavin Rabello –       Patrick and Menzies Opticians.

Once you discover the secrets of getting the right message to the right people the right way – So much of your success will come down to two things – attitude and action.

I wish you every success.


Steve's Book hits all the buttons. I believe it to be the blueprint for businesses to follow if they want to succeed.
Claim your copy before he comes to his senses.

Bev James MD

Entrepreneurs Business Academy

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